Our club was born out of necessity. After spending almost 20 years in public service, I saw a clear and distinct separation between police officers, firemen and military personnel. At the top levels of the command, I could see the resentment that was crippling our ability to work together. I decided to something about it and what better way than to bring the men of these professions together outside of work. I wanted to do something to strengthen the bond between these men that would translate to a better working environment, and in turn make us better servants to our communities. There has been a long history of animosity between the services and I started this club to start mending that. I brought together men I have known for years, men who I’ve worked with side by side. Men, I have fought next to and trusted with my life. We ride to support each other, local and national charities. We claim no alliance to anyone and never will. Our main goal is to promote brotherhood between our members and provide the most efficient and professional services to our fellow man.


We are the Shepherds of the masses. We stand guard over them protecting them from what lurks in the shadows. When the wolf shows his face, the sheep flock to us for protection. We sacrifice so much of ourselves; this is our calling and our purpose in life. We are ready to do our duty regardless of the circumstances or conditions, and we are willing to lay down our lives for our fellow man. Regardless of what uniform we wear, we are all cut from the same cloth and do our part of keeping the people we are sworn to serve safe.

The Shepherds Motorcycle Club was founded in July of 2012 as an independent, male motorcycle club. The mother chapter was formed in Missouri and named the Kansas City Chapter. It was established to provide the opportunity for increased camaraderie and cooperation between current and former law enforcement officers, military personnel, emergency services personnel and corrections officers. There has been a long history of animosity between different public safety entities; it is the purpose of the SMC to bridge the gap and mend the scars created by this. It will be the goal of the SMC to carry our brotherhood throughout the public safety community and create better-working relationships with each other. All members of the SMC will show respect and support to each other and other entities within the public safety sector and the public. All SMC rides and events are intended to promote safe activities that will appeal to the membership as a whole. The SMC will support local police, fire, military and children’s charities within the community and its members shall volunteer in such events as to express our commitment to our community.


We are rough men who do a job most people could not handle. We are not choir boys, but we are law abiding citizens and will not tolerate any drug use within our ranks. Any member who is not a current Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter or Active Military must undergo a background investigation before membership would even be considered. Do we prospect? Yes, we do, prospective members must show a high level of integrity, commitment to our club and our cause. We are not a pay and patch club so if that’s what you’re looking for, look somewhere else. We will not ask a prospect to do anything we wouldn’t do but given the fact we’ve been all over this world in all kinds of situations there isn’t much we haven’t done. We have a hang around period for people who are new to the club. Prospective members may not patch for quite some time, but that is up to the new member depending on his commitment level. We may seem stand offish, but that is because we need to be careful of who we associate with. If you’re on the wrong side of the law, then you’re not welcome!



We designed our patch to leave no questions about who we are. The three heads of public safety represent Police, Fire and Military. We have also incorporated the tools of our trade. Our colors are blue, red and green. The blue represents Police, the red represents Fire and the green represents the Military. Just like in society police and fire keep things safe at home while the military is responsible for our borders. That is why the border of our patches is green with the blue and red inside. Our patches are reflective which represents the fact that the SHEPHERD is a beacon of light and hope to the flock.


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