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"Shepherds" Motorcycle Club was founded in Kansas City to unite the three main heads of Public Safety. We are comprised of current and former Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and Military personnel. Our goal is to support local and national charities and to build a better working environment among Public Safety entities. By strengthening our brotherhood away from work we will become better servants to the people of our communities.

About Us


We are men cut from the same cloth who came together as brothers to ride and support each other. We all serve a calling higher than ourselves, and by doing so, risk our lives to protect our fellow man. We serve in different uniforms and in different capacities but service to our country and communities is our common mission. We have fought across the world and in your backyards protecting you from the evil that lies in wait.


Most go about their lives not having to see or do the things that "Shepherds" have to do. We have held the hands of dying friends, and stared into the face of danger with steadfast resolve. We have served in the harshest conditions that mother earth has to offer, from the jungle, to the desert and from the streets to the skies. Day and night we stand watch for the wolf to show his face, and then risk our lives to protect the herd, and that is why we call ourselves shepherds.


Say we haven't earned our stripes and we have every right to laugh in your face, we have paid our dues and are willing to pay the ultimate price for what we believe in. We proudly claim the title of "99%'ers" because we are that one percent between the 98 and the 1% protecting them from those that wish to do them harm.

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